Monday, November 10, 2008

'Cause I'm Just Thrifty That Way.

Today I will prove how thrifty and clever I truly am.

#2 isn't a big fan of cake, he gets that from me. Frosting good! Especially that ganache stuff, cake...not so much. So we didn't do a cake for his birthday and instead I planned to surprise him with a Jello Chocolate Pudding Desert. This is the favorite of #2, he gets that from Adorable Hubby who adores anything instant chocolate pudding. It's also a top 5 favorite desert for everyone but me so I have to make A LOT.

At the store I noted that the boxes of Jello Chocolate Pudding Desert mix, which consists of a package of Oreo crumbs and a package of chocolate pudding, was $2.69 I needed three of them. "That's expensive!" Thinks I, thus my plan for thrifty chocolate pudding desert domination was born.

I check out the packages of Oreo's, gasp $4.69 I can buy a whole box of Oreo's at Costco.

Clever me buys 3 packages of $1.19 pudding total cost $3.57

Next, thrifty me, spends a gallon of gas $2.30 to head across town to Costco.

At Costco I buy a three pound box of Oreo's for $5.54.

Now, after twisting apart Oreo's crushing the plain side and putting the frosting sides together to form a double stuff Oreo which I eat rationalizing that I won't be having any of the pudding desert, I have eaten...

A package and a half of double Stuff Oreos $6.72
The equivalent of three Jello chocolate chocolate desert mixes. $8.07
A grand total of $14.79 for Chocolate, Oreo Pudding, double stuff, goodness.

Subtract$5.54 for Oreos.
$3.57 for pudding.
$2.30 for a tank of gas.
$2.30 for another tank of gas to go to the gym and burn off the double stuff Oreo calories .75cents in the 'cussing jar(those Oreo's are a royal pain to crush into crumbs).
Equals a Thrifty and Clever savings of .33 cents

Hmm, maybe I need to start clipping coupons.


Nurse Boy said...

I can so relate to the saving-not-as-much-as-I-thought. It is so much work to save money!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

That is hilarious!

Thanks for sharing your pain and saving the rest of us from making the same mistake ;)

I've been in similar situations, thinking mid stream "this totally is not turning out as I had planned" and at that point you're sort of stuck finishing it anyway.


mandi said...

That was really funny. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that!

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