Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

I think Halloween is my favorite holiday but don't tell Adorable Hubby he claims to hate it. I know, I know, Halloween is all about ghost and ghoulies but seriously what women isn't a bit of a witch (the pretty, sexy ones of course) and what child doesn't want to dress up and grab handfuls of candy from strangers.

It's my favorite because of caramel popcorn, sugar cookies, taco soup, chicken chowder...oh, and friends and family coming over to share it all. Some new friends came by this year hopefully, they will return for many years to come.

A funny thing happened as one of the families who was staying for soup came to the door. The family came to the door with a family of trick-or-treaters, I handed out treats to all the kids then ushered in who I thought were the visiting family and their friends. Our friend introduced his children to some of our other friends when he was done there were two boys who no one knew. Turns out I had ushered two strange kids into my home, they were happily planning to grab food with everyone else while their Mom waited outside on the sidewalk in the rain. Oh dear!

As usual my camera skills are lacking and I only got pictures of 1/4 of the fun. Oh well, enjoy.

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1 comment:

S'mee said...

girls???? and "Frank"ly, someone in that house is going to have to beat the girls off with a stick!

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