Friday, November 21, 2008


Every women needs a girlfriend or two; someone you can tell anything to, someone who you can call and vent to or laugh with. My girlfriend gave me a call today, "Want to come to the sports chiropractor with me?"

"Um, sure, I'd love to!" Hey, I was folding socks at the time, love was the right word.

"So, do you need me to watch your kids?" Between us we have 11 boys (one in heaven) and 1 girl.

"No, I need you to keep me calm. I've seen too many messed up necks from the Chiropractor." She works in CAT-Scan at a local hospital.

"I thought your hip was out, I'm no doctor but I'm pretty sure that the neck bone is not connected to the hip bone."

That led to a conversation about a visit to another Doctor, with the doctor, a tech and a big, big guy all pulling and tugging to no avail.

Later at the doctors office, after chatting on our cell phones until we arrived in the parking lot, we sat close on the couch oohing and aahing over yummy, complicated Thanksgiving recipes that we both know we'll never try. Too soon, for an appointment that lasted two hours, the Doctor came in, "Hi, I'm Doctor So and So, let's see you're Suzie and you are?" He looks at me.

"Susan." I smile

"Suzie and Susan?" he looks at us like were a couple of school girls messing with the substitute.

"That's us!" we say in unison, laughing. When we're together we feel like school girls, fun, happy, and carefree.

"I think I'll call you the Suz's." The doctor announces.

I like that, it's not often you find a kindred spirit especially one whom you share a name with. I'm glad we found some time to slip away, hang out, be a little silly and delight in the joy of being girls.

If it's been awhile since you hung out with a girlfriend...well, what are you waiting for.

PS If you need a girlfriend to get silly with call me, one can never have enough friends and I have a lot of socks I'd rather not fold.

Our babies!


Gill said...

ROFL i totally agree about having girlfriends. Sometimes they just know don't they!
Love the way the Dr. decided you were the Suz's, at least he had a sense of humour!
Hope Suzie got on ok though.

Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

Wonderful post. So very true about girlfriends.

Good that she had a doctor with a sense of humor and understanding of friends.

I do hope Suzie is ok.

Stephanie said...

With all those boys, I'm glad you can find some quality girl time!

Irishmama said...

Girlfriends ARE awesome, I agree. My BFF from High School and I still manage to get in trouble when we're together. So fun.

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