Monday, February 16, 2009

Mondays Muttered Mumblings


Forget those jaw dropping, eye bugging cuss words, the most dreaded word in a child's burgeoning vocabulary may be WHY!

No word has more power to embarrass, infuriate, or traumatize a parent. No word can create such spluttering, stammering or blatant lying from an adult who suddenly has to come up with a plausible explanation to, WHY?

Last night I was locking doors for the night when #5 used the dreaded word... "Why do you lock the doors at night?" Then he answered himself with another why, "Why do people rob houses?" Then he turned the force of his WHY attack on me.

"Have we ever been robbed?" he asked, sneakily leaving out the WHY in a stealthy defense lowering move.

Oh! Oh! Oh! I know this one! Pick Me! "No sweetie our house has never been robbed."

Then he hit me hard right in the parental plexus with a full frontal WHY, "Why haven't we ever been robbed, Mom?" he asked with deceptive innocence.

"Uhhh, Ummmm, Well... Go To Bed!" He went to bed without an answer.

Not me, all night I lay awake wondering WHY???

Why have we never been robbed?

Is it my stellar door locking skills? Hmm, no, I forget half the time.

Maybe it's the testosterone haze that hangs over our house? Doesn't testosterone increase the tendency toward criminal behavior? Can't be that.

Maybe we don't have anything worth robbing? But what about Hole In The Head Woody, we have good stuff 'round here!

Maybe it's me? Not only have I never had a stalker, I've never had a robber either... sob.

OK, time for a sleeping pill.

See what WHY does? It's a naughty word, no child should use it.


Annie said...

There are days when I regret teaching the children how to talk.

Gill said...

ROFL you cracked me up with this ;)
I usually answer why with...."why baby?" hehe turn it back on 'em! Am i a mean mum? I like to think i am building character!haha

Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

Why is the most horrible question they can ask, because every answer is always and I do mean always responded to with another why!! Usually this is how our conversations end. . . "because and that's all the answer you need right now, thanks and go play (or got to bed whichever it is)". Watch for why in the homeschooling. . . you may be googling for more answers than you intended. :)

Loved the post.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

WHY? is horrible. Before that, you most likely experienced "What's that?" I hate that one too! Good times!!! Love the new look!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Melodie said...

So funny! My girl hasn't reached the 'why' stage, but she sure asks 'how' all the time. That and 'where are we' when we are driving. Sigh ... Guess it's a precursor to 'why'.

LeShel said...

tee hee

Heffalump said...

Always answer a question with another question. Misdirection is your friend!

Octamom said...

Oh, the 'why' questions!

Love the new look on the template!


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