Sunday, March 1, 2009


On the last warm day last November, I took my three little boys to the park, it was getting chilly, 55 degrees and breezy. My boys were carefully dressed in socks, shoes and jackets, I lay on the grass wrapped in a blanket, shivering , trying to soak up enough sun to make it through the cold winter approaching.

On the first warm day last week, I took my three little boys to the park, it's warming up, 55 degrees and breezy. My boys were dressed in t-shirts, they left their shoes in the car, I walked the path around the playground crunching happily through the last drifts of melting snow, reveling in the warmth of approaching summer.

Perspective, it's a beautiful thing!


Suz said...

Did you type this yesterday or what. There is now way I could of done it before church. Are you sluffing, or conference maybe? I can't wait to roll on the hill with the kids. That is a great park. You always have a great perspective on life, that is why I love being your friend. Have a wonderful day. Tell Rikki to make me a CD, K. You know what song.
Love you all.

S'mee said...

Great post (got me thinking about posting something similar tomorrow!) and the photo is AMAZING!

Hey people, click on that photo to see it large...Beautiful!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

AWESOME post!!! So true! We have snow and it is freezing. I would LOVE weather in the 50s right about now. Hated it back in October.

FYI, I am DONE with winter. DONE!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Deb said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. You have a gorgeous family, and great post! I will make sure to keep visiting.

Lynn said...

We are freezing down here but I'm glad you all were able have a good time with your younger boys. It was so sweet of you to ask how I am doing...I answered you on my blog... This was a post that took me back in time to days like that with my four boys...wonderful ! LOL

Cowboy mom said...

Roger and I laugh about that very perspective all the time. I love the picture, too. I put it on my desktop for a while.

Mary Ray James said...

I'm using it for my computer, too. But then, Sunflowers are my favorite flowers. Jenny showed me how to do it but I'll probably forget.

in time out said...

This is amazing. I love this post and how it made me think today about perspective. hugs to you for sharing.

TAG, your it. It is a high school survey, and I am tagging some I really hope will do it. Fun to learn more about you. Plus I tagged a 6th file, 6th picture. I would love to see what you come up with.

Want a laugh go to Colleen's website...hmmm, cant remember the name of her site right now, but she commented under the picture tag in mine and her picture is hilarious. hugs.

Tranquility said...

It's amazing how much warmer 55 degrees feels after spending a few months in the freezing temperatures!

P.S. - You left me a comment about "picking my brain". I couldn't find a contact email for you, but mine is on my bio page and you're welcome to go right ahead and 'pick' away!

in time out said...

just came by see that great post...had to say hello. hope your day is happy!

Mummy McTavish said...

What a great photo!

I am a tropical girl, it doesnt take much for me to feel chilly. We honeymooned at Ayres Rock and it was FREEZING (not just to me, Uluru itself had turned blue). We then went to a beautiful little hide-away at Atherton, I would usually think being in the rainforest mountains would be cold in winter but we went wandering through the rainforest in shorts and shirts mid-winter. Other people thought we were nuts, we just had perspective.

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