Thursday, January 31, 2008

Super Hero Angst

Joseph, like most five year old boys, lives in a world of super heroes, at any given moment he may be Superman, Batman or Spiderman, he may be saving the world from bad guys or honing his super hero skills by running at supersonic speed from one end of the house to another. He is able to pick up cars, trains even toy tool benches with little effort; putting them back where he got them is still beyond his super powers that requires Supermom skills not Superman skills, but, you should see him climb the rock walls around the fireplace, amazing.

We all know that superhero's have a tortured past; some painful dark event that enhanced an awareness of their human vulnerability yet inspired the awareness and pursuit of their super-nature. I have been watching Joseph wondering what his pivotal moment might be.

Joseph loves to wear the costumes of his favorite heroes, most mornings he wakes up, get dressed, eats breakfast and puts on the costume of the day; unfortunately he is still forced to seek Mom's help to get in and out of most costumes. One day I heard Joseph running at super speed up the basement stairs, down the hall, through the kitchen, halfway down the grandpa room stairs where he tripped, skinned his elbow and knee, peed his pants and burst into tears.

Oh the humanity, foiled in the height of super growth by a villainous zipper in the back of his super suit. Will this dark moment dampen his heroic aspirations or lead him to greater heights of superness? The world must wait,wait with his anxious parents for the answer.


Tiffany said...

Eiley and Logan loved the superhero costumes and want to see more. Also, when Eiley saw either Jo-Jo(what we call him around here)or Adam's feet with the circles on them she said, "Those are some cool feet."

Jenny said...

That is hilarious! But one wonders if his trama is not that he soiled himself but that his mother told countless people. LOL!

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