Thursday, March 19, 2009

Inspired by you Wednesday (On Thursday)

My sister lives in a tiny town in the mountains of central Utah. And I mean, tiny! There is one grocery store in town, summer hours 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM, they close earlier in the winter. There is an Inter-Mountain Farmers store where you can by everything from chicken feed and garden seeds to oil for the tractor. An auto repair shop, gas station and a hardware store which carries, amongst the guns, walkie-talkies, and tools, some snazzy Carhartt overalls and matching work boots.

When we visit we stay at the Snuggle Inn, which is the location of one of the two restaurants in town, they make a mean pizza, no deliveries, latest order, 8:00 PM. The other restaurant option is Maria's, a classic old school drive-in hamburger and ice-cream stop. That's it! If you need a Wal-Mart fix, you've got an hours drive ahead, craving a Wendy's triple...yep, over an hour on roads you don't want to drive at night.

My sisters boys get up at the crack of dawn to do the chores, it's tough work for a twelve year old and a 10 year old. There is livestock to feed and water, equipment to be maintained, sprinkler lines to be moved, sprinkled occasionally with the exciting birth of, 'Your very own colt'. They are amazing people these nephews and nieces, my sister and her husband.

One of the most unique things about this family is the beautiful art of Cowboy Poetry. My Sister writes poignant, humorous, thought provoking poetry about a way of life that is hard, simple, and nearly relegated to fairy tales of an America long ago. Her sons and daughter memorize then recite her poetry to small crowds of cowboys, grandparents, and tourists. The beauty is, it's not an act, these children live what they share.

My sister and I grew up in a modern town in a modern city, I love to visit this small wind blown town, I love hunting for arrow heads and pottery shards. I love arriving early enough at the one church building in town, to see trucks empty, hats removed, hair smoothed, boots checked for...well, Sundays doesn't mean no chores. Mostly I love to see my sister embrace this life, relish, grow, become one with this life that strengthens your will as it breaks your heart.

My sister posted a tag, if you were one of the first three people to comment and participate by doing the same tag on your blog you get a handmade item made especially for you. So I commented, which means that A) I will get some unique cool gift made just for me by my amazing sister. B) that you lucky people get to fight it out for one of the top three comment spots on my blog.

Restrictions and Limitations: (As taken from Sisters blog, She's is Roger and Cathy on my family blog roll, I added an aside or two.)

1. I make no guarantees that you will like what I make! (of course you'll like it)
2. What I create will be just for you. (Definitely)
3. It will be done this year.
4. You have no clue what it's going to be, because I don't even know what it's going to be!
5. I reserve the right to do something extremely strange. (Possibly out of chocolate and sugar)

The Catch: You must re-post this on your blog and offer the same to the first 3 people who comment on your post and agree to do the same!So get ready for your mystery treat... but be prepared to share the love! Oh, and be sure to post a picture of what you get when you get it.

Now doesn't this sound fun.

By the way you don't have to do the contest if you comment!


Anonymous said...

ha,ha,ha,ha,ha I won! I won! This is a great treat for having to stay up until 12:30 a.m. doing...chores. (I'm waiting on a load of laundry to get done) Yuck! Now I am happy. I can't WAIT to see what I get. I will not turn chocolate or sugar away. I won't turn anything away actually. Except kid toys. NO KID TOYS PLEASE! And, I already know what I'm going to send out to whoever does this on my blog. Yeah....I won!

melissa said...
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melissa said...

Congrats on winning Love the blog. I congratulate you an raising 7boys . Check out my blog . I am raising 1 girl and 2 boys

Mummy McTavish said...

Sounds like your sister is raising some well balanced "hard work wont kill ya" kids there!

I wont be in on the whatsit tag thingo because I don't follow through with all that stuff. Need a meal made when you're having a crappy week, I'm your girl. Kid looked after at short notice, count me it. Need me to do something more than 24 hours away... well, lets just not mention to my children the number of birthday parties we forgot to go to last year.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

WOW! Your sister sounds amazing. I am a city girl myself, but I find the country life to be beautiful and inspiring! My kids have it so good and they don't even know it. Actually, I should say they have it easy. I think your sister's kids are probably the ones who have it good!

I think you'll have to count me out of the whole tag thing as well. Too lazy right now, just trying to get my house under control and make it through the rest of the school year.

Spring has finally arrived and I am already longing for summer...sigh...I just can't be pleased...

Mrs. Nurse Boy

S'mee said...

O.k. Boy Mom, I'm in! I was wondering if it was "o.k." for me to play twice, but you gave the go ahead so there! Your sis has my admiration (but then so does her sister!) I'm headed over to check out her blog too!

mandi said...

Ahh, I think I'd love living in a wind-blown small town. I don't know about all the work, though....

Cowboy mom said...

HellO!!! we're trying to stay low key here. No, I don't mind people envying my little town. People come all the time but the wind is very selective and blows most of them away.

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