Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Toothsome Tuesday Meets Inspired by you, Wednesday

Yesterday I wanted to share a really good recipe with you... it was a busy day. Today I planned on wandering through your blogs looking for something inspirational... It would be easy. You all teach and inspire me deeply with the glimpses into your lives that you share with our community of co-conblogators.

One of my favorite inspirations is to see comments left by people whose blogs I read, on other blogs I read, I have lost track of who met who first and love that it doesn't really matter. Seems that we make friends the same way in cyberspace as we do in real life. There are just some people with whom we feel a kinship that defies the barriers of distance, background, politics, religion or pudding preference, chocolate or tapioca it's all good... friendship is just transcendent that way.

Speaking of transcendence, friendship and pudding, yesterday a friend was over visiting Adorable Hubby and me. He recently sent his son on an LDS mission and has really struggled with the adjustment; they were very close. Our friend is so caught up in the physical distance between he and his son that he is missing the opportunity for the strength of their relationship to transcend physical proximity and grow on a new level.

As I left Adorable Hubby and friend visiting and walked into the kitchen my attention was drawn to the left over rice on the stove, I had the strong impression that I should make it into Rice Pudding for our friend. I grabbed my cookbook and began the pudding, as I cooked I remembered our friend telling me about his mother making him this treat, he related to me that rice pudding evoked strong, comforting, memories of his relationship with his beloved mother. I wondered if perhaps she was the source of my inspiration, I've never experienced a random Rice Pudding cooking fit before.

I offered a bowl of steaming Rice Pudding to our friend with an explanation of my thoughts that left him and Adorable Hubby confused but, "Feeling Loved," as Adorable Hubby put it.

Somewhere in the past two days of mulling this over I've come to the conclusion that we human creatures get way to locked into the idea that reality must be touched, smelled, tasted, heard or seen to be real. We accept as reality only what our perspective, shaped by the particular set of experiences we have had, can define and categorize.

What if we could transcend perspective and the five senses, experiencing reality more multi-dimensionally? What if it was our friends mother who inspired me to comfort her son in a way she couldn't because he is to caught up in the physical change of not being able to see, hear or touch his son to feel the embrace of a mother who has herself experienced separation from a son she loves?

What if it is as simple as the friendships we have with each other online?

What if the inspiration I feel as I read about Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy searching for a church community, or the joy I feel when I see the pregnancy counter on Mummy McTavish's sidebar is physical reality on a different plane.

What if love for friends and family transcends all barriers of space and time, kind of like an infinite atonement?

What if...

Here is the Rice Pudding Recipe just in case you need some reality transcending comfort.

Rice Pudding

2 cups cooked rice
2 cups milk
1 small can evaporated milk (5 3/4 oz.)
1 Tablespoon cornstarch
1 teaspoon Vanilla
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons sugar
2 eggs slightly beaten
1/8 teaspoon nutmeg
1/8 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 cups raisins (optional)

In small saucepan, scald the milks together. Measure raisins into a strainer and set over boiling water just long enough to plump them. In a heavy 2-3 court saucepan combine cornstarch, salt, and sugar, blend well. Stir in hot milk mixture, stirring constantly over medium heat until thick and smooth. Add rice, reheat to a full boil. Remove from heat. Pour a little of the hot mixture (2 - 3 cups) into the beaten eggs while stirring rapidly. Add egg mixture to hot milk mixture stirring rapidly, return to stove and stir until thickened (only a minute or two more) Remove from heat. Stir in raisins, spices and vanilla. Chill. Makes 8 1/2 cup servings.

Thanks to all my transcendent, inspiring friends and family!


Mummy McTavish said...

I'm inspired by you this wednesday (well it's thursday but you obviously aren't feeling trapped into specific days for things so why should I?)

I don't do rice pudding -I think I threw it up once and it kinda ruins the experience- but your kindness to your friend was so sweet. I love to do the "just because" tummy fillings. Sometimes I find out why God prompted me and other times I don't and that's okay.

I'm glad you feel joy when you see the counter, I feel joy too... and something that goes along the lines of "holy smoke what have we got ourselves into" but the overwhelming one is joy.

LeShel said...

so right on, so beautifully put, so what we need to understand.
Glad to be able to learn from you each day. And to think without internet and blog stalking I'd have never had your presence.

Barbaloot said...

That's a wonderful thought---thanks for sharing. I definitely think my love for my family transcends anything else I may feel in this life.

LeShel said...

I'm back again, eating pudding this time and again finding the inspiration in what you have said. So often I have moments I can't grasp. I'm not even certain I've grasped what you said but I know it. Thanks

Just Us said...

Can I just say you amaze me! I can't believe that you have 7 BOYS and still find time to cook. I have a husband and 2 dogs, and our staple is Mac and Cheese, and even that takes too long to make! I am so amazed by your culinary abilities! I am famous for my Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies, why? Because that is all I ever bake for other people when called upon to bake. They only require 3 ingredients, and 12 minutes in the oven.

Real Mom, Real Life said...

I loved this! I completely agree. Now I will have to try the rice pudding. My mom used to make it for us as children... it was always a treat. But she never left us her recipe. I am excited to try this.

Librafury said...

What a beautiful post! And how thoughtful of you to make rice pudding to comfort your friend.

I believe in this other "plane" of existence. Many experiences in my own personal life have left me with no doubt in my mind of the power of the "collective consciousness". We are ALL connected to one another.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I love this bloggy world! And my bloggy friends! You are a blessing to so many, Boy Mom. I love that I pray often for you and your family, people whom I have yet to be introduced to "properly!"

Wonderful post. It sounds like it could have been that "scary" Holy Spirit that guided your rice pudding behavior...

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Deb said...

I can honestly say I have never been inspired to cook something. I need to pray more in the kitchen. I loved this post so much, it was very thought provoking. I've never actually eaten rice pudding, either, so maybe I'll get inspired later on...

Lin said...

hi, thanks for comments on my blog-think we met through jocelyn's blog but not sure. I'm her ex-aunt as I was married to her uncle. I have 4 sons so can relate to you. I've made rice pudding many times but never had a recipe. Inspiration is interesting and following the prompting important.

Tanielle said...

WOw!!!! Seeven boys how awesome! We had a family in my ward growing up who had seven girls. Then years later had a boy. They were the talk of the small town! What a handsome family you have!

Thanks for stopping by! HAve a great day!

Suz said...

I love you...I figure with the crowd you have to cook for you are always praying for inspiration while in the kitchen. Maybe you should move you computer in there. I am not surprised that you would be inspired to make rice pudding. You always have a strong spirit with you that not only touches people in a tangable way, yet it also reaches through to the oneness we all have with each other.

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