Monday, March 16, 2009

Mondays Muttered Mumblings

Last week I didn't get much posting in, things were crazy! Here is a recap of the week in no particular order. We'll begin with #7 and his, oh so classy, clothing choices. "Mom, how does this make me look?"

"Uhhh!" I'm brilliant in the mornings.

"Now I have wings!" He flapped happily all morning. (Anyone remember the toilet paper roll bum rockets?)

We also lost one of the remaining 5 front teeth in our family. Such trauma, the new tooth had grown in behind and didn't push the tooth out as it should have so Adorable Hubby pinned him down while Boy Mom pulled the thing out root and all, shudder! It didn't even bleed and #5 got his bike tuned-up by the tooth fairy, that fairy has made flat tire skills.

Yesterday #4 was ordained to the Aaronic priesthood. He will serve as a Deacon, passing the sacrament, collecting fast offerings and serving in our congregation (ward) for the next two years. It's beautiful to see young boys grow into service and awareness of others in our ward family. Sorry the pictures are so blurry, I think I need a new battery in my camera.

Friday at 6:30 PM, just when my family doctor was sure to have gone home for the weekend, #6 did a flip landing his body on the large bean bag pillow in the corner of the room and his head on the corner of the toy box. This acrobatic feat left a gaping hole in his head. Now if this had been #1, or #2, or #3, or #4, or #5 I might have run to the ER for stitches and a $500.00 dollar bill to put next to the picture in the scrap book. Poor #6, after countless suturing observations, Boy Mom occasionally becomes Dr. Mom, cleans the wound, butterfly's the hole shut, covers the whole thing with anti-bacterial cream, a big band-aid, says a little prayer, gives a hug, a dose of Tylenol and sends you out to play.

I don't think it looks to bad, and as Adorable Hubby said, "We flipped a coin to decide on stitches or at home care, since it was our last coin... "

I was released from my calling as Primary President (I was over all the teachers, music, cub scouts, nursery and children age 18 months to 12 years in our ward (congregation). I had expected to serve for another 9 months or so and have loved the calling but am submitting to the Lords timing with only a week of tears and self pity. I do feel I can use the time to focus on my family, it's just been so fun to work with all the children.

I'm trying to get a Drop-in daycare started in my home so if you've guessed which state I live in and know of anyone who would be interested email me at and I'll send them a flier. Uhhh, activities referred to, such as bean bag flipping and hanger wings are closely monitored and I would of course never allow your child to flap around my house in underwear, a t-shirt and a hanger for three hours.

And I have a confession, I failed at my junkfoodless Lent observation, I did really well until last week then... apparently it's not a really great pity party with out junk food. Sorry Barbaloot, I'm back on the wagon, well... starting tomorrow.


Deb said...

I know you'll miss Primary. I've never been anywhere else; I don't know what I'd do if I actually got to go to Relief Society.

Adams Family said...

Oh, I feel bad about your release you were doing a great job. Sigh. Don't worry about the accidents being listed in the same blog as your desire to babysit because now that I know that you can butterfly and bandage I feel even more confident in your abilities.

Gill said...

OMG what a week you had :) Love how #6 gets Dr. Mom and not some quack that took 7 years to train - you have WAAAY more experience ;) LOL too funny, he'll be a tough cookie alright!
Good Luck with the child care - you will be great :)

Barbaloot said...

You broke your Lenten vow?! How could you? Trust me when I tell you it's nigh unto impossible to jump back on the wagon...but feel free to try:)

And the whole pulling teeth thing...kinda made me die inside.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

What a week!!! You deserved some junk food, if I do say so myself. ;0) This week can only get better, right?! And, while I am married to a nurse, he NEVER thinks they should be seen and I am always ready to rush to the ER. He usually wins and a bandaide and soap and water seemed to make most things better...if not, hello ER!

Suz said...

Isn't that little bird flying around #7. I can't see the hanger fitting aroung #1.
Don't worry about the blurry picture. I just figured it was blurry from tears of joy from a ,well deserved, proud mother. Great group of men young and old.
I hope you indulged in chocolate. Wagons are a bumpy ride you're bound to get knocked off here and there. That's is why we have to get back on.

Mummy McTavish said...

We love to put on wings around here. We are either "soup-hero's" or "butt-flies".

What exciting happenings in your house. A hole in the head and all! My brother-in-law's dad does the stitches himself (three wild boys)... perhaps you could threaten that for if they start getting too crazy:) "If you start to bleed from your own silliness I'll be the one stitching you up!"

Mummy McTavish said...

Ohhh, I forgot to ask my question about you falling off the wagon... Did you make it worth it before you jumped back on? I mean REALLY worth it!

Anonymous said...

I don't even recognize your boys!!! They are just way too big. Please tell them to stop growing. Little Benny!? Where are you??? Oh....this is not good on Aunt Tiff at all. They are all making me feel very old. Not good at all I tell ya.

Montgomery Q said...

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mandi said...

I love the little birdie! Isn't it great to have a little one to make you laugh all day, no matter how weary they make us? I think the drop-in day care is a great idea!

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