Friday, March 20, 2009

What The...Friday

#7 has been an interesting child since conception, 1 month early, 9lbs 15oz. He is huge, his feet are Neanderthal. His favorite activity is extreme wrestling, he'll 'take down' anyone. I have a picture in my head that just won't go away, #7's little friend Olivers' big brown eyes, wide with shock and horror as he rolls down the hill at the park wrapped up in one of #7's flying tackles. Oliver I feel your pain.

So here's the funny thing...despite his size and intense physicality, #7 is scared of the weirdest things.

He spent years terrified of sirens, he thought the police were coming to get him.

He was terrified of the toilet, he might get flushed down.

He spent 6 months terrified of birds, they were going to fly up and peck him.

He has an irrational fear of Lions, he's never seen one, even at the Zoo but, one snarl from Daddy is enough to send him hiding under the covers.

Then, most recently, it was monsters, OK, that's pretty typical, but his solution to all these fears is this.

One night cuddling in Mom and Dads bed, where most of his fears have been discussed and conquered, he announced, "I'm not scared of anything anymore, only the Holy Ghost!"

What the...

So much for the Holy Ghost being the comforter.

Aww, #7 you're to fun!


Gill said...

ROFL that is so sweet! Please let us know when you find out why I am dying to know! LOL
Taking him to church should be interesting now!!!

S'mee said...

We got that a LOT in Primary.

The Holy GhOooOOst!


He will whisper to you when you do something wroOong!


Scares the garbage right outta little kids! Whatever you do don't explain the analogy of Baptism being a "BURIAL!" and he being "REBOoORN!" holy smokes the kid will never get baptized!

We dodged the bullet by saying the Holy Ghost is Jesus' Best Friend and helper. After we are baptized He can be our helper to, when *we* need Him. (puts kids in control of when HG comes around). Also explained the influence of the HG as that of the sun, everyone can feel it, it warms you up sometimes, but it's never a scary thing or feeling. That breaks the rules; the HG can only be nice. All true facts, just viewed from a kid level.

mandi said...

hahaha He's too funny! I would have loved to see Oliver's roll down the hill. I'm glad #7 is there to toughen him up!

Willow Tree said...

I laughed out loud! Not just lol, but to the point of embarrassment when I read this at work. Thank you, I really needed that! :o)

Blessings, Carolynn

Deb said...

How funny. Princess is kind of like that- fearless physically, but some weird fears mentally. Right now, though, she likes being scared.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Too cute!!! Thanks for the smile!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

susette said...

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rad6 said...

I cannot believe that you have 7 boys!!! You are my new hero I think. WOW. Glad to find you, will have fun following some of your adventures with all those boys! How fun. Right now I am dealing with 15 year-old girl hormones and life issues... thinking 7 boys might be nice! haha!

Mummy McTavish said...

Your boys give me giggles! I think a lot of it may be that it's your boys and not mine doing it but I do appreciate the giggles!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

That's a cute story!!!

Stepper the Mighty said...

Visiting from the Misplaced Americans - and so glad I stopped by! This is HILARIOUS! And awfully sweet.

in time out said...

this is AWESOME. So funny, and so good that you are taking the time for each child as they need you. SNUGGLE TIME...

THanks for Sharing.

I saw you on my cousins blog, Reality Hits the Fan...

You are one of her important was delightful to see you, and say, hey, I know that girl.


Real Mom, Real Life said...

HA -- That Holy Ghost one got one of my boys too. Scared them to death. Had to convince them The Holy Ghost is a good thing.

Loved S'mee's comments. Right on the money.

Techno Grandma said...

One time in Sacrament meeting a family was blessing their baby and Our Mike, age 3 or 4, started wiggling all over. I tried to quiet him but he loudly said, "Make them move over! I want to see the Holy Ghost!" go figure---

Our Family

Our Family