Wednesday, November 7, 2007

...Just Adam

Allow me to introduce my youngest, I still call him 'baby' even though he is 3 1/2. I should start with the comment the nurse made as she handed me my 9 lb. bundle of joy, "I have never cared for a baby like this, I don't know how you carried him for 9 months." Don't get me wrong Adam isn't mean or grumpy, he doesn't throw tantrums, he is just... Adam.

He is 4 inches shorter than his 5 year old brother but out weighs him by 3 lbs. Richard and I often joke that his bones are made of titanium, I don't recall any experimental medical procedures or alien abductions during my pregnancy so once again I guess it's just... Adam.

I have learned from experience that any area where Adam eats will resemble a blast site. This seems to occur no matter how much food I give him, this mess is from about 7 pieces of popcorn.
Trust me he could make an equally impressive mess with one piece. The really impressive thing is that he can use his food to create such messterpieces and still gain weight...just Adam.

Last night at Jeremiahs' championship football game I was holding Adam on my lap trying to keep both of us covered with a blanket, I would compare it to holding a satin pillow case containing a monkey, four boa constrictors and a 25 lb. plastic bag of wet peeled potatoes. To calm him down I was holding an apple and encouraging him to take bites; which he was taking with Adam like gusto. Suddenly, he mistook my thumb for his apple, took an enthusiastic bite which drew blood and hurt so bad I actually cried. He felt so bad he started crying; so there we sat him crying, me crying, freezing, thumb throbbing...just Adam... at least we won the game.

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Anonymous said...

Aaron and I laughed so hard at this blog and the Dr. Seuss one. You are such a great writer! You need to write a book...I'm serious! Tell your boys we say thank you, thank you for all the prayers. We know it was only through fasting and prayers that everything turned out so wonderfully.

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