Friday, November 23, 2007

Little Blessings

Yesterday as I stuffed my face with my brother-in-laws, awesome rotisserie turkey and Richards incredible mashed potatoes I found myself thinking of little things I'm thankful for. Of course I'm thankful for all the big stuff, but lately, it's the little things that get me.

So here is my 2007 Little Blessings List:

*I'm thankful when my mother-in-law does Thanksgiving day at her house, last year it was at mine.
*I am thankful when I wake up an hour or more before I have to actually get up, there is nothing better then a little more sleep.
*I'm thankful for the nights when none of the three children in bed with us blow out a nitetime and saturate my sheets.
*I am thankful for my weaknesses, they teach me more then my strengths.
*I am thankful for others weaknesses, they make mine seem more bearable.
*It's always nice when the suspicious looking underwear in the clean clothes turn out to, actually be clean.
*I'm really thankful when I notice that the toilet has been sprinkled before I sit on it.
* I'm thankful that my sons games of front yard football have pruned all my plants (grrr! I'm trying anyway).
*I'm thankful that Adam tells me "You my best friend, Momma" when he's not telling me he, "hates me" and he's "gonna tell his daddy to spank me."
*I'm thankful for a little spanking every now and then.
*I'm thankful for slobbery hugs and kisses instead of sticky hugs and kisses.
*I'm thankful for a sixteen year old who still views hauling his two brothers back and forth to football practice every night as a chance to drive.
*I'm thankful for primary teachers who show up or get substitutes.
*I'm thankful that my failure to lose a single pound this year hasn't caused a single New Years resolution...yet.
*I'm very thankful for Jeremiahs' teachers over the last two years and great teachers everywhere.
*I'm thankful that what gets talked about with girlfriends, stays with girlfriends.
*I'm thankful for boy hugs.
*I'm thankful for smiles at the grocery store from understanding strangers.
*I'm thankful for Thanksgiving, a little holiday tucked between Halloween belly aches and Christmas shopping, that makes me slow down and thank God for all my little blessings.

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