Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Why Do I Let Them Trick-or-Treat

Every year, on November third or forth as I run out to the garbage can in bare feet and my nightgown to dump the dregs of the trick-or-treat candy bowl (salt water taffy, unfinished suckers stuck to disintegrating smarties), I ask myself why?

I'm now dealing with two cases of diarrhea and vomiting, three colds and a three year old that may never come down off the sugar high. Now I'm not opposed to the idea of children running for three hours through dark cold streets with no coat on because "it will cover up my costume", collecting 3-5 lbs. of candy which will constitute the entirety of their diet for the next three days; after all, my children only fully began to comprehend the American revolution when their father enforced taxation without representation on their Halloween loot. I just don't want to deal with sick days, sugar highs and the three to five lbs. I've inevitably gained despite not making all three of my favorite recipes.

This year was a banner year for trick-or-treating at the Smith home thanks to my dear husband who told a sixteen year old and a fifteen year old, (who were told two years ago that they were to old to trick-or-treat) and a 12 and 10 year old, (who were told this was their last year to trick-or-treat) that, if they could fill an entire extra strength, extra large, black, garbage bag with candy he would give them $20 bucks. The only thing my four oldest would do with $20 bucks is...buy more candy. Fortunately they failed but they did manage to collect enough candy to fill my three largest bowls.

Next year no one is Trick-or-Treating! ha ha.

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