Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dr. Seussan

I am Mom.

Mom I is.

I do not like to cook for kids.

For dinner, chicken was a thought.

I will not eat it, one boy fought.

This dinner thing could turn out great.

Maybe we could all eat Steak?

Two boys proclaimed, steak, icky! ish!

Said Mom, all right, we'll all eat fish.

Yuck! they all together screamed.

OK then, maybe ham and beans?

No Ham, no beans, we won't eat dinner.

Fine, said Mom, we'll all get thinner.

We're hungry! was the whiney shout.

I know, said dad, we'll all eat out.

The boys said, Dad you are a whiz!

That's how you do this dinner biz.

Sigh! I am Mom.

Mom I Is.

Maybe, I should cook my kids?!

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Amy says... Oops I have been posting comments on the wrong blogs. Oh well.


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