Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Toys From...

Last night I ran to the bathroom, can someone please tell me how many years of daily kiegel exercises it takes to overcome the bladder control issues of carrying and birthing seven children? OK back to topic, so I'm running to the bathroom only to find the door locked. I knock, nicely I thought considering the urgency of the situation, I'm thinking, hallelujah! one of my children has discovered the need for their privacy while using the restroom, perhaps soon they'll give me some. Wrong, Benjamin my 10 and 1/2 year old opens the door fully clothed, wet hands and cupboard, a bundle of towels on the floor, a guilty look on his face; I sit down, while I ask what are you doing and begin picking up the towels, now that's multi tasking. Before Benjamin answers Buzz Light Year, soaking wet and covered with soap rolls out of the towels; I, assuming it must be Adam(it's his Buzz Light Year and he has a thing for chaos in the bathroom lately), yell "who did this?
"Mom, I'm just washing him," Benjamin finally answers.
"Benjamin he takes batteries, you don't wash battery operated toys, you know this! Does he still work?"
I push his buttons, he still says "Greetings, I am Buzz Light Year, I come in peace." Only now he sound like one of the green alien guys from Toy Story, creepy! I usually don't mind to much when noisy toys lose their voice, but this one has to last till Christmas because Grandma, who gave Adam Buzz for his birthday(picture), found the matching Woody toy for Adam's Christmas gift. I wonder what strange voices we can conjure out of poor Woody?

A few minuets later, as I'm not so much helping my rug rats pick up the toy room but picking it up for them, I toss a little stuffed dog in the toy box only to hear an eerie child's voice start into a prayer..."Dear God hear my prayer for all your creatures everywhere..." This is a sweet little child's prayer but coming from a four inch stuffed dog with his eyes closed and arms folded who cannot be shut up until he gets through the entire prayer is frightening.

Lights out, every one is down for the night in their own bed, Yea! I'm walking in the dark around my bed when suddenly an engine revs under my feet I jump into bed nearly beheading Richard and we lay there hearts pounding as motion activated Lightning McQueen revs his engine for about a minuet. It's surprising how loud a toy can be in a quiet dark house in the middle of the night.

The thing that gets me is I am intending to spend the next month buying the loudest, most frightening, creepy toys I can find so that my children, and some of yours, will think I'm a really great parent/aunt. Go figure!


hknight said...

Oh the joys of the loud,and sometimes possesed toys! Once a couple of our battery toys got left in the backyard and they kept waking us from a dead sleep when they would go off in the middle of the night!

Anonymous said...

Just last night Eiley's (and now Michaela's) rocking pony that sings kept going off on it's own during the night. Spooky! It even freaked Aaron out. And I'm usually the scaredy cat around here.

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