Monday, November 12, 2007

Touching Moments

Here are my recollections of some tender moments in the practices for, and presentation of, our wards primary program.

We have a sweet, 10 year old boy with downs syndrome in our ward. Chase is part of a very musical family; his father plays piano and organ, his mother plays and teaches most of the stringed instruments and is a violinist in the Utah Valley Symphony, all of the children play instruments and perform. Chase came to the practice on Saturday, due to his challenges and the general chaos of 60+ children and 5 adults figuring out how to put everything in order, Chase wandered around, sat in many seats and climbed over things. At one point he ended up on the conductors riser in front of all the children, the pianist had just began playing the prelude to the next song when Chase stood up straight in front of all the children raised both arms, glanced over his shoulder at the chorister so that they could begin together then led beautifully, powerfully, the first measure of the song. It only lasted a second or two but for those few precious moments we caught a glimpse of Chases eternal spirit, his love for music and how perfectly he fits into his family. We are blessed to have him in our primary.

On both days I sat next to a very wiggly little 5 year old girl. On Saturday at one point she got so wiggly that I sat her on my lap, she wiggled a bit then got very still. I realized that she was focusing on her breathing and how her stomach was moving my arms in and out as she breathed. We both became very quiet and peaceful, her wiggles disappeared, my frustration evaporated and was replaced with love for one of Gods' beautiful children. Then on Sunday, same thing, she wiggled, I was already holding a little boy so I reached over and squeezed her hand, when she squeezed back I looked down and met her gaze, I mouthed the words, "I like you," she immediately asked, "how can you like me? you're not my Mom." I just smiled at her and for another few moments we held hands. The peace that comes from looking past behavior and loving the spirit of each person is a miraculous lesson that I am learning from this calling.

Our program was a beautiful presentation of the journey of faith that takes us from being a squirming three year old to an almost twelve year old who feels the spirit tell her to change her part at the last moment, overcomes her nervousness, presents what the spirit tells her and makes the program complete. Thank you to all who prepared, participated and encouraged it was "well done!"

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