Saturday, January 5, 2008


I have discovered some really well written, funny blogs out there. It's so fun to lose myself in someone else's eerily similar life for a few min...hours. I've noticed that many of you have really great nicknames for all the members of your family. This, I am learning is for their protection from would be creepy persons and, I suppose, anonymity(the word processor and I just about came to blows over this word) when you become rich and famous. Seriously some of your blogs are so creative, well done, and funny.

I was trying to think of really great nicknames for my kids, something that expresses their unique personality in a funny yet memorable way; not, that I would be any more likely to get their nickname right then I am their given name. So here goes, creative nicknames for my children.

Jacob: Motherload, he frequently informs us that he is more of a parent to his younger siblings then we are, and that he spends more time with them then we do. He backs up everything we try to teach them with an all knowing comment(which his brothers really appreciate, not).

Joshua: Inspector Gadget, this child has wanted to be an inventor/engineer since he was 2. He could write a book on 101 hundred, parent disapproved, uses for a roll of duct tape and all the wood, old boxes, and scrap metal in your neighborhood.

Jeremiah: Bi Polar, this kid is the joy of everyone he meets, great athlete, yet humble, serious with a killer sense of humor, efficient, organized, on time. But, try being 15 minutes late getting him a meal or alter his schedule slightly...

Benjamin:Saint, The other day he comes in and tells me that if you sit quietly in a tree for a long time, that birds will come and talk to you, he was serious and I believed him. We actually praise him for being a little bad from time to time.

Isaac: Player, what can I say, the boy has everyone in the neighborhood wrapped around a finger. He can talk his way into or out of anything. And his smile...

Joseph: Super Hero, serious, determined to be the best at everything. We're going to have to work on the whole alter ego thing though.

Adam: What The..., when ever Adam discovers something new you'll hear him say at the top of his lungs, WHAT THE...he rarely adds the heck on the end, although he proved yesterday that he knows at least one alternative ending to the phrase(a really bad one, sigh). Nearly every time we come across Adam, doing what Adam does, we yell, WHAT THE...

So there you have it my children's new super secret nicknames, or I could just go with what I usually call them jakejoshmiahbenjoeisaaadamargh, or, you little sh...weetheart.

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