Wednesday, January 9, 2008


We have had a lot of snow lately so I have a couple of funny snow stories to share. Today when Jacob Josh and I drove to the gym there was so much snow and it was so slick that we spun out four or five times and it took fifteen minutes to go the little over a mile distance. When I dropped the boys off at school and returned home I parked on the street so that I could shovel the driveway then take the other boys. At 9:00 we went out to get Miah and Ben to school and I was stuck. I tried to gun it and get out, I dug around the tires but there was a sheet of ice under the snow so I couldn't get any traction.

The little old guy across the street had come out to see how much snow there was and offered to drive the car out of the snow for me. He impressed me I must admit he gave it some gas and, in one try, spun and slid out of the gutter and on to the street. He jumped out and told me to give it some power and then stood behind the car to push if I needed a little extra momentum.

I gave it some gas and slid around a little, gave it a lot of gas and peeled out. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw my poor little old neighbor covered with snow, my rear tires had shot out snow as they spun looking for traction and he was right behind the tire. He was covered I mean covered and he had this stunned look on his face that was so tragic it made me...laugh. Yes, I didn't stop to help or brush him off, I couldn't, I was laughing too hard. Miah and Ben wanted to know why I was laughing, I calmed down enough to tell them and when they said, "it's not funny Mom" it made me laugh even harder. Who knew I was such a sadist?

I came home and began shoveling, my neighbor came out and began working with his snow blower he kept his distance for about an hour then helped me clear off the last of my Mom's driveway and told me I should go in because my hair was wet. I didn't dare try to apologize I couldn't risk laughing again.

Well the kids are destroying the house so I'd better finish this later.

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Cori Ann said...

I guess I must be a sadist too. I couldn't help but laugh right out loud as I was reading it. That was sooooo funny. Thanks for sharing. I just love reading your blog. Maybe one of these days I will start my own blog. :)

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