Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy MLK Day

On Friday morning Richard and I were cuddling in bed with Isaac. After a few minutes of pleasant snuggles he started in on his morning complaining and whining that he didn't want to go to school. We reminded him that today was Friday and that after school today he didn't have to go to school for two whole days. He thought about it for a minute then got really excited and told us that he didn't have to go to school on Monday so it would be three whole days and that he knew why Monday was not a school day.

Mom: Why don't you have school on Monday?
Isaac: Because there was this King.
Mom: A King? What was he king of?
Isaac: Umm...I think a state...yeah, he was the king of some state and he held up a lot of signs and some other people held up signs.
Mom: So what were the signs for?
Isaac: Oh, uh...because the brown people went to school and the white people went to school but they held up signs so now we don't have to be sep...separ... separate any more. Cool huh?
Mom: So what happened to the King?
Isaac: Oh, he just went back into his castle or something.

Happy King of Some State Day!

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