Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I loved President Hinkley his, vision, his humor, his love. My favorite part of his teachings are the Be's, be clean, be grateful, be humble, be true, be smart, be involved, be positive, be prayerful, be still.

I loved that with President Hinkley it was all about being, not doing, yes, he was a doer the beauty of President Hinkley is that everything that he did sprang out of what he was. He was not afraid to be, from the stillness of being springs gratitude, humility, your truth, intelligence, joy, service, and the awareness of prayer.

I love that he lived so well, he was so much his spirit, that his death was a peaceful shifting from this form to another. May I live my life as fully and peacefully. May I be all that I am.

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