Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January Stuff

This is all the exciting stuff we do in January.

Jacob and Josh go to the gym at 6:00 am, that is very early, very, very, early. Teenagers are much less concerned about revealing their true personalities, really bad accents, very loud and goofy music(Blue Oyster Cult, Godzilla), not so nice language, crude comments, suspicious sounds followed by horrible smells, to Mom type figures who may be semi-comatose and freezing in the back seat. Fortunately, for them, freezing, semi-comatose, Mom types are punchy enough think it's funny, kinda like watching a really bad comedy, really late at night (only this is real life and, did I mention, it's really early in the morning...).

Jeremiah makes funny comments with a poker face, "Mom, they called and moved my Temple recommend interview from 7:00 to 8:40, the bishop had a party thing, which I guess is more important then the temple, so can you still take me?"
Or he tells funny stories with a quirky little laugh.
Jeremiah: So I had this dream that I went to Disneyland with Ben, Tommy, Hanna, the Baileys and the Bishop. I said, hey Ben did you duel the Bishop and Ben said, "No, the Bishop said that he would bring a handful of Yu-gi-oh cards and he didn't."
Mom: Was that the whole dream?
Jeremiah: No, I could go on and on... but I don't think I will.

Benjamin does lots and lots of homework. His teacher is driving us crazy with all the homework,
if you looked up homework in the dictionary, there she'd be. He gets math and spelling every night, he is supposed to read 30 minutes every night and this includes weekends. I think I am going to send her a homework assignment: Describe in 200 words how to fix dinner for a family of nine get them to all their various activities, keep a house clean and teach a 5th grader how to describe the plot, give an example of characterization, and summarize the main points of a book you have not read. Show your work. Oh, and I'd like it handed in by 6:00 am Monday morning so I'll have something to read at the gym.

Isaac won't get up, won't get dressed, doesn't want breakfast, gets his feelings hurt, runs to his room, doesn't want to go to school, ignores empty threats, won't go to school, gets hugs, hates going to school, gets begged, still won't go, Dad gets involved, stomps to the car, walks 1 iph going in to the school. Bounces out of the school, talks non-stop about school, says he loves his teacher, says he loves school, eats a snack, plays with his friends, loves to do his homework, goes to bed.

Joseph wears hats, wants sun glasses, spikes his hair, eats lettuce like an apple.

Adam, feeds the fish, tells everyone not to say bad words like shut-up and stupid and idiot, has no idea that sh**, a**h***, or f***, are considered bad words.

Mom, goes to the gym, laughs at teenage boys, loves funny stories and dry humor, helps with homework, pleads, cajoles, threatens, begs, grumpy kids to go to school, picks up happy kids, loves hats and spikes on her Joseph bunny, cleans fish bowls and tries not to say bad words.

Dad takes over and sends Mom off to the gym and Wallmart, loves, listens, encourages, yells, provides, and laughs.

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